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Fat Loss FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Belly Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Here are the answers to some of the questions on Belly Fat Loss and Weight Loss that we keep getting from Ghanaians over and over again. You are free to add your questions in the comments section too as well so that we can answer them and get back to you.

QUESTION – How can I lose belly fat?

ANSWER – Belly fat is a problem even for thin people. So 6 things to lose belly fat. 1. Lose Fat all over your body first. Because as you drop the kg, the fat in the belly also reduces. 2. Avoid drinking alcohol 3. Avoid junk food 4. Reducing stress 5. Exercise your tummy as little as 3 times a week doing resistance exercises – only 15mins. Details in TOTAL Fat Loss Plan here. 6. Get sufficient sleep

QUESTION – Can I lose belly fat FAST without exercise?

ANSWER – Its impossible to lose belly fat FAST without exercise but because Fat is 80% Nutrition, you CAN if you want it slow. If you want FAST belly fat loss, then 2 things must you combine to lose belly fat ==> (1) Start eating fat-BURNING foods & dump all fat-STORING foods eg junk foods and lots of carbs (2) Exercise 3 times weekly if only for 15 minutes but not jogging or skipping…Resistance Workouts. These types of exercises burn fat for up to 48 hours even after you have stopped doing them. Plus they are not boring cardio and can be done in as little as 15 minutes.Its all explained in the TOTAL Fat Loss Plan here 🙂

QUESTION – Is plantain a good option for weight loss? I also eat lots of beans and fried plantain, I’ve lost some weight though but its just like I stopped losing weight..my diet didn’t change, so what could be the cause?

ANSWER – Yes. Plantain is great as long as it is unripe plantain commonly called “black plantain” and NOT fried. Doctors even recommend it for Diabetic people to show you how great it is. Ripe plantain is a NO NO. Its a fat-STORING food and it stimulates excess sugar release BUT you can eat it on your CHEAT day.

More importantly, if you don’t mind getting access to 101 Flat-Belly and FAT LOSS COOKING Recipes package, watch out for the release date, February 2nd, 2012.

Watch out for other coming belly loss and weight loss Q and A segments coming soon on this page.

To your Amazing Brand New Body!

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  1. irene says:

    Pls i really need my belly to be flat so pls kindly update me on your 101 flat belly and fat loss cooking recipe.

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