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4 Small Steps to Successful and Painless Fat Loss in Nigeria

Wow! Its almost end of the year 2012. How far have you gone in your fat loss journey? Just answer silently. When it comes to losing weight right as a Ghanaian I’m sure you already know the drill – If your loved ones are not already giving you unsolicited advice about how to lose weight, some other people who have no business talking about it keep advising you. For example, “Grace, reduce the amount of food you eat!”. How true that is to an extent.

That simple advise all boils down to Fat Loss = Take in fewer calories, burn more calories.

If you’re the type of person who’s been in the never-ending cycle of gaining and losing weight all year round, you may be going about things all wrong. One of the most common ways for people to lose weight is to go on a crash diet.

Some people suddenly try to change all of their bad habits at once. For some, doing this is exactly what they just need. But for a lot of people, the change is too drastic and they find themselves returning back to their old lifestyle which is really strong and unbearable until they give in.

For some people, they may stick to this diet for 1 week, 2 weeks and even 1 month and then stop. This leads to the never-ending cycle of failure yet again. I’m sure one or two people reading this can identify with this. But there’s a solution to that.

If you have trouble with drastic changes to your diet, the best way to lose weight and be successful at it is to take things one step at a time. When you change just one small thing into a healthier habit, you find that you don’t feel so deprived — and you’re more likely to stick with it. To help you with that, here are 4 small steps to successful and painless fat loss in Nigeria! Here’s someone just like you who has successfully lost weight consistently taking small steps:









4 Small Steps to Successful and Painless Fat Loss in Nigeria

1. Look at what you drink: If you drink nothing but sugary drinks (cola drinks, “fantaliscious “drinks etc), alcohol, coffee, diet and energy drinks, then you may want to take a look at how many calories you’re consuming. These drinks have virtually no nutrition and “cost” you many more calories. If you’re find it hard to completely give up these types of drinks, then gradually decrease the number of sugary drinks you have per day.

This alone can help you to lose weight or better still there are some natural juices you can drink without any fear of weight gain, instead they help you burn fat. Its all in the Juices and Shakes Cookbook of the 101 Flat Belly African Recipes. If you have a copy, then visit the Shakes and Juices Cookbook, if not get yours here.

2. Start with 30 minutes of exercise, 3 days a week: If you ask your doctor how often you should exercise, most will recommend getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day, but you already know how difficult that is in the real world for people who don’t normally exercise at all. It’s either you find it difficult to adjust your time to exercising or you don’t have the motivation to do that daily.

Another issue is, if you try to do too much at once you may hurt yourself or get too tired and this may be the one thing that may stir you off from exercising for a very long time. Instead, take things in small steps — start by exercising just 3 days a week, that’s 3 days out of 7 days in a week and then gradually work your way up to more days in a week. That is a sure recipe for consistent fat loss success.

3. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite food: “Ah, do you mean I can still eat my favorite food and lose weight?”. Yes, you can! And eating your favorite food is part of a healthy, natural weight loss program. I already shared quite a lot on why eating your favorite, fat-storing foods help accelerate fat loss, so I won’t go into that today but you can always read it here.

Most times, you have some type of favorite food that ends up being “forbidden” when you go on a diet. Because it’s your favorite, you end up craving it much harder than you normally do and then eventually you go back to your old ways. You don’t have to give this food up! But you also shouldn’t eat it every day. Plan to eat it, keeping within your calorie deficit. By that, I mean eat a small portion of it once a week, and you won’t feel deprived.

4. Get back on track: It’s true, sometimes we slip up. We have one binge day or the other where we just let loose. That’s a part of life. But the thing is when some people slip up, however, they stay that way, going back to their old lifestyle. If you overindulge, don’t beat yourself up over it, but also don’t use it as an excuse to keep overeating. Get back on track starting with the next meal.

It’s no big deal. But it is a BIG one if you continue in your old unhealthy life style. 2 kg added today, can lead to 5kg another day and before you  can say “Ben Johnson”,  you may have added 15kg to what you already weigh…did I hear someone say “God forbid”? Hehehe…

Anyway, that’s it.

These things are all small things that you can start doing today. By taking things just one step at a time, you’ll find that it is much easier to lose fat and become healthy.

What are your own small steps you are taking that has been helpful on your way to fat loss living as a Ghanaian? Share some of them with us in the comments section below. You never know how what you say can help others.

To a Trim YOU,

Dr. Ela Maris

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Help – I Need Some Motivation for Weight Loss!

“I need some motivation. I currently need to lose 10kg as per doctor’s order. I would love to lose a little bit more. I won’t lie, I seem to come up with many excuses why I can’t workout. I can use some advice…what can you tell me……thanks” ~ UnMotivated Mom

SMS for weight loss tips nigeria using nigerian diet

I am inviting you into a conversation I had with an unmotivated Mom on the Weigh Loss Ghana on Facebook page here.

I‘m hoping this article will give you some ideas for strategies you can use when you feel you just can’t get motivated – maybe even share some of your own and together we can create a great resource for people who need a little motivation to either Get Started….or….Keep Going.

So, after the UnMotivated Mom asked this very general and open ended question, I had to ask for more information (like I do sometimes when I receive emails and SMSes on weight loss and belly fat loss) to be clear on what it was she was looking for…


Me: Thank you for contacting me. I would love to help but I am not too sure what you want me to tell you….if you could be a little more specific?

UnMotivated Mom: “well, I no longer know what to do to lose this weight. I use to be able to lose weight with just running and skipping meals but for the past three years that just doesn’t work. I have been told to cut on carbohydrate foods, but being a Ghanaian that is our staple food and so I have always eaten carbs. I do some form of dance aerobic on and off. At this point I have just given up hope of ever losing this weight. I use to be a size 8 now I am a size 18. I love the will you have and you seem to do advice to do exercises regularly. Should I exercise everyday? Do different exercise? I am just so confused and frustrated.”

(***the beauty of Facebook allows me to take a quick glance at this mom’s FB page and get an idea of what she’s been up to – which allows me to give the following suggestions based on her current situation***)

Me: Thanks for the added info. Gives me direction on where to go – and I hope it helps…

1. Motivation – Comes from your reasons WHY

If a Dr. telling you that it is important for health reasons that you lose the weight – and this does not do it for you…then here are 2 more strategies that just might push you to take the RIGHT action.

(a) Make a list of the consequence you face by continuing to do what you’ve always done (not exercising, still overweight, diseases etc)….where are you headed by not making a change for the better.

(b) Look into the eyes of your 2 year old daughter (or kids who look up to you) and ask yourself – is this the lifestyle you wish to teach her – to grow up and follow in your footsteps? To think that weight loss is all about cardio and dieting? To hate eating vegetables, to eat all manner of unhealthy, fat-storing foods and mostly carbs? Take a look at the list you made above again, look at your weight and how it is affecting you – is this also what you want her go through? To think it’s just OKAY to give up on taking better care of yourself?

You can tell your daughter the right way to live until you are red in the face – reality is – your actions have the biggest impact on what she is learning.

And if this does not get you…then I am at a loss.

2. Losing 10 Kg

It’s very rare for a Dr to advise you to “lose weight” and expect you to do it through exercise alone. Health issues are mainly caused by the eating habits we have established over the years. Look at diabetes for example – it is one of those diseases that can be caused by years of BAD eating. Yes moving your body is important to staying healthy – however the bulk of your results – both weight loss and health related will be achieved by getting honest about your eating habits.

If you do NOT know what and how to eat for weight loss using the Ghanaian Diet, then I can recommend our Total Fat Loss Plan foods containing the Best fat-Burning Ghanaian Foods to you here.

Hopefully this is more than enough to get you thinking…and begin taking action. Once again, if what I have said is not what you are ready to face or hear, then this is not the right place for you. I do however I appreciate taking a big step forward and asking…if anything maybe it will save another mom out there.

3. Keep Your Goals In Your Sights

Do you have any written down weight loss goals? Do you have any long term goals like losing 40 Kg in a year and short term goals like losing 10kg in 2 months? Other than the big steps I listed in steps 1 and 2, you can also create a Vision Board of your Goals.

Turn what it is you are working hard to achieve into a poster filled with visual images and empowering quotes that you hang somewhere that you can look at it several times a day. Keeping your goals IN SIGHT at ALL TIMES makes a Big Difference to your focus and motivation.

4. Focus On The Benefits

Another thing you can do to get your motivation juices flowing is to not only write down the consequences but also write down the benefits you get from losing that extra weight. So make a list of all the positive benefits of choosing healthy foods, eating breakfast and choosing to exercise.

Losing weight for Nigerians

Have you ever felt really, really good after exercising? I know I do because a feel-good hormone is always released after we exercise. Try visualizing what it feels like after your workout – the burst of energy, the feel of a tighter, stronger body – is a great motivational strategy.

Be Careful of Making Excuses

I also want to point out that it’s also an excuse when you find yourself saying…“I don’t know what to do to lose weight”. Think about what this sounds like. Yes you do have the knowledge. At the very least you know what you have been doing is NOT working – and this is a HUGE start to doing it Differently.

Or “I have tried so many things and nothing worked”.

Wait! How long did you do what you said you tried? Was it up to 3 months? Was it on an off and on basis? The fact is “There are several great weight loss programs and they WORK if you stick to it LONG enough”. Am not talking of those weight loss scams that say, “try this pill, drink this, swallow this, do not exercise, eat whatever you like everyday and still lose 20kg in 7 days” – Those are weight loss SCAMS.

Consider this…
If eating too many processed carbohydrate foods and drinks, not enough veggies and just doing cardio or not exercising – THOSE are dwarfing your ability to get results – then a first step in the right direction is to cut down the processed carbs, increase your veggies intake and choose a workout plan like the Total Fat Loss Plan here that helps increase your body’s natural fat-burning metabolism to burn off the fat THREE times faster than it is now.

Be careful of such Excuses – they rob you of the power to do something about it.

How to Make Motivation Happen For You

Finally, I want you to realize that Motivation is NOT something that “just happens” to you…rather it is a CHOICE you make Every Day – as the motivational poster states above. Sitting back and waiting for it to happen is the perfect recipe for NO Motivation.

SMS4 Weight Loss Tip:

If I’m having one of those days when I don’t feel motivated, here is what I do to get myself motivated to workout. I just run through my SMSes to the Weigh Loss tips & Belly fat Loss tips I receive on my phone and I tell myself that ALL I have to do is one set of exercises for 7 minutes and stop – then I can go about whatever it is I need to be doing.

The very cool thing about this is – once I get going, I feel better and I remember why I enjoy my workouts so much – and say Why NOT complete your full workout? Then I am Proud of myself for doing even MORE than what I initially promised.

When it comes to Eating – this is a habit that takes time to establish. There are days that yes I may have one too many fat-STORING foods instead of my supportive fat-BURNING foods – however, I do not feel my best after this and look forward to getting back on track. The key is NOT to allow a Slip Up to turn into a year’s worth of unhealthy habits. Each minute, each hour, each day – you have a CHOICE to turn it around. One of the SMS tips we send to people subscribed for our SMS 4 Weight Loss and Belly Fat Loss “daily” Tips is:

Forgive Yourself! If you overeat or ate the wrong food, do NOT waste too much emotional energy to painfully relive your past behaviors. Let it go! It’s okay to start over again. Forgive yourself because the past is behind you. TODAY is all you have control over. You are “work in progress” & NOT “perfection” yet. There is ALWAYS room for more improvement! Have a great day!

So let me ask you – when it comes to motivation what advice would you give?

Dr. Ela Maris

P.S. If you have enjoyed this article, kindly pass it on to others who may be interested. Use the share button below.


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7 Tips to Stay Slim at Christmas

The festive season is a time of relaxation and feasting all over the world and in Ghana “no doubts”. It’s easy to enjoy but it can also be easy to overindulge and begin the New Year with extra unwanted weight. Preventing festive weight gain is easier than losing weight in the New Year.

Planning creatively for the festivities can assist you to enjoy the feasting, without the fattening.

It seems to happen every holiday season.

You attend parties and office gatherings to share a few festive moments with family, friends, colleagues and lots and lots of food. But when the holiday season is finally over, the bathroom scale reveals that you’ve gained some weight again, much to your chagrin.

So how are you supposed to stick to a diet when faced with endless rounds of parties, tables groaning with irresistible delicacies, limitless drinks for free and a general feeling of ‘Come on, it’s Christmas time, lets enjoy?

Simple, here are 7 Tips to Stay Slim at Christmas

1. Minimize your liquid calories!

Liquid calories (soda, fruit drinks, fruit juices, caloric mixers and other sweet drinks) are very fattening in two ways:

1) Liquid sugars causes rapid surges of blood glucose and insulin that instantly increase your appetite and puts your body in fat STORAGE mode

2) Liquid calories provide no bulk in the Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract. Physical bulk in the GI tract (e.g. fiber foods like fruits, vegetables) is a powerful appetite suppressant.

2. Stay away from foods that increase your appetite.

These foods are the white flour products (bread, samosa, fish fingers, spring rolls etc), white rice, and white potatoes.  Holidays are already a time most people get fatter – these foods add insult to injury.

Yeah, I know they taste great, but Research reveal that nearly a year later 85% of the participants still had not lost that extra weight gained during the holidays. So that means that even if you only gain 2 kg during the holiday and if you consistently do that year after year you’ll be 10 kg heavier in just five years!  Another study also found that overweight and obese participants gained the most weight during the holiday study, compared to others.

3. Drink lots of water especially during this season.

The truth is whether it’s the festive season or not, you should be hydrating your body throughout the day. It is especially important during festive seasons. We all tend to drink alcohol, sodas or drinks with excessive sugar and unnecessary calories, making this a fatal diet trap.

By drinking enough water, our stomachs feel fuller. Try this and see. You become less hungry, which causes you to have less carvings for food. As a consequence, we can reduce our junk food intake and drink less sweetened beverages during the festive season.

4. Go for the veggies & fruit first.

At a holiday cocktail party or buffet, go straight to the fruit and vegetable section first. Choose the salads with no cream first and really indulge in that. Fill two thirds of your plate with fruits, veggies and beans before serving the rest of your meal. To achieve your holiday weight loss goals, eat a big tossed salad or a couple of servings of a veggie side dish before the rest of the meal.

5. Don’t let yourself get hungry or go to the party hungry!

It takes less calories to prevent hunger than it does to deal with it once it occurs. Always consume three meals a day with between meal snacks as necessary to keep your hunger at bay. Withholding food for several hours or more leads to low blood sugar (excessive hunger), slows down your metabolism and primes your pancreas to release extra fat-storing insulin when you finally eat. So have a snack (e.g. piece of fruit – apple or fresh raw veggies -handful of carrots) an hour before you arrive at a holiday gathering.

6. Indulge in alcohol in moderation.

Over indulgence loosens inhibitions and increases the risk of dietary indiscretion (and a number of other health risks).  To add insult to injury, too much alcohol in the evening triggers excessive morning hunger and cravings for starchy junk foods for many people. And of course the calories in alcohol can really add up. Imagine, 1g of protein contains just 4 calories, 1g of carbohydrate contains 4 calories again but alcohol contains a whole 7 calories. Let’s not even go to fat in which most of our festive foods are prepared with lavishly, it contains 9 calories for 1g of fat.

7. Minimize the effects of alcohol.

Drink a full glass of water between each alcoholic beverage at parties, and always make sure there is some food in your stomach before you have a drink. Watching your alcohol intake is an effective way to stay slim at Christmas.

That’s it. I wish you a glorious Festive and Christmas celebration!

And like my Pastor says, YOU are the Reason for THIS Season! So ask questions, discover and find out THAT Reason.

Dr. Ela

P.S. If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones to help this season. Do you have any tips for staying slim at Christmas? If so, please comment below!

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To enter to win one of the 2 free copies of the entire Total fat Loss Plan that I’m GIVING AWAY today, simply Continue reading

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If you want to lose weight in Ghana but have wondered if eating our local Ghanaian delicious food “Waakye” is making you fat, then you’ve come to the right place.

Well in today’s article you’ll not only discover how eating “Waakye” can help you  lose weight, you’ll also find out that Waakye is actually a fat-BURNING food, how to prepare it in a HEALTHY and Fat-BURNING way, the calories it contains etc.
To download your FREE Waakye Weight Loss report for Ghanaians, please Share on Facebook to download it by clicking on the button below:


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